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Everyone has a large collection of photos and videos, which are an important part of their past. You capture every moment of life in form of videos and fill number of memory cards and keep on replacing one by one and in all this time they get corrupted or you lose them, all you are left with is regret that they were not been cared and stored properly. These sweet memories need a secure place, as no one wishes to lose such significant part of their life. Therefore, the modern technology offers dedicated video hosting services that help people store their media contents.

One such leading social platform, where you can share, manage and store N-number of videos is This platform offers all these video hosting services for free. You can upload or download any video contents that you wish to cherish or preserve for future.

Your uploaded files are kept for unlimited days, so you need not to worry about anything once you have uploaded it to their platform. They also offer premium accounts, where you can upload as many files as you want. They support numerous file extensions, including 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mj2, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ogg, webm and others.

Free account holders are offered a pace of up to 2.00 GB to store their important files, whereas, up to 5.00 GB upload memory is offered to the premium members. They also pay you reward points for every file viewed, which also enables you to earn monthly bonuses on the basis of total file views.

They are a dedicated server for video streaming, which enables you to view the file as many times you want, without having the compulsion of downloading it. They are the best medium to share your videos easily with everyone and everywhere. They provide a pre-generated html link code that is linked to your file in their server, so that you can post the link directly to any social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike any other video streaming service providers, lets you download all your videos with no waiting time, also provides high transfer speed for all downloads.

One can rely on them, as they safely store and backup all your files from family videos to other important media contents. They offer a safe and secure saving engine, where all your media is stored for an unlimited period of time.

To register for free or to know more about their services, visit

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