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Ever since its invention back around the 15th century, hookah’s prevalence has only gone up. Smoking hookah has become a trend in the United States, particularly among the teens and college attending students. The tobacco used in the hookahs combines sweeteners and fruits as well, giving it a pleasant smell compared to the regular tobaccos. [...]

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Hookah is a tobacco smoking style. It is known with many names including goza, narghile, and hubble-bubble, to name a few. Smoking hookah has become trend among college going and high school students. Nowadays, a lot of people worldwide smoke hookahs. Even if they have to spend a large sum of money, they won’t hesitate.
Hookah [...]

Mob Hookah: Get All Kinds of Gun Shaped Hookahs

People, who generally consume tobacco, have obviously heard about Hookahs. Hookah pipes have been in use for about 400 years. These were invented for reducing some health hazards of tobacco smoke by passing the smoke through water before inhalation. The tobacco used in hookahs is known as shisha. Hookah has gained popularity all over the [...]