Cameleon: The Best Live Streaming Software in the World

Internet is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind that has completely revolutionized modern human lifestyle and in a good way. It is a global means of communication that allows us to communicate with the outside world with absolute ease. Moreover, Internet has turned out to be an ultimate broadcast entity and has made an enormous impact in the way humans broadcast and stream videos in a tech-driven world. Being a major source of entertainment, Internet allows users to watch their favourite TV shows and movies whenever they want, thanks to streaming content. Nowadays, live video streaming is growing in popularity among internet users, given that it allows broadcasters to broadcast and users to watch videos in real-time.

However, live streaming is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from having a great technical knowledge, one needs to download and configure encoding software. Plus, the complex terminologies like upstream, bitrate, bandwidth, audio-channels, encoder, firewalls and port forwarding, among others make things even more difficult. If you want to make the most of live streaming and YouTube live streaming but have no knowledge regarding it, then just don’t worry as Cameleon – the best live streaming software has been evolved to make things easier for people like you.

Designed and developed by Yatko, Cameleon is absolutely free broadcaster software built with It is one of the easiest and most outstanding tools for live video streaming and YouTube live streaming from smartphones, webcams, GoPro and CCTV, IP cameras. In the recent times, YouTube has shifted its focus towards live streaming and Cameleon live video streaming app is making it easier for individuals to use YouTube for live streaming.

You can use live streaming for various purposes such as making live announcements, online meetings, giving classes online, and also, to promote your business. Cameleon gives you the power to reach wider audience; all a viewer needs is access to the internet. In just three simple steps you will be live, add a camera, connect with Cameleon that gets your stream ready in just a few minutes and help you Go Live without any hassles!

Cameleon is among the frontline live streaming apps for iPad, iPhone, as well as Android and Windows devices; with Cameleon you can turn virtually any camera into a powerful live broadcasting tool and get the attention of your target audience.

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