Cameleon: Cutting-Edge Live Streaming Software

With the ubiquity of internet, people find it convenient to watch their desired programs and events over the internet itself. Platforms such as YouTube have provided great assistance in setting a unique trend of live streaming and broadcasting over the internet. Many events and programs are broadcasted live on YouTube, which provides an excellent audience base for the occasion. Live video streaming and YouTube streaming enable all the event organizers to broadcast their event to their target audience, over the internet. However, the live streaming concept requires a great technical knowledge such as encoding and configuring the streaming software. The event coordinators have to deal with terms such as upstream, bitrates, bandwidth, encoder, audio-channels, port forwarding, firewalls and many others, which are not always easy for a non-technical person.

If you are not comfortable with all these technical terms, you have a great option available, Cameleon. It is the easiest solution for all your live streaming needs. It is free video streaming software that enables you to broadcast all your events, from sports events, talk shows to music concerts. It is makes real-time YouTube streaming very easy for you, thereby eliminating all the technical tasks from your way. You just need to connect the software to your YouTube account for going live.

It is great software that even helps you reach the numerous Facebook users via Facebook live. They make it very simple for you to stream live videos to Facebook, which has a great user base. Cameleon offers diversity of input devices that can be used to stream live events on Facebook. Even 4K streams are possible with this software. They support major operating systems such as Windows and Mac, and other major browsers too. They are also releasing applications for Android, iOS and possibly Windows too.

From wedding streams to live video selfies, the powerful live streaming software can help you stream through your laptop cameras, common PnP webcams, CCTV IP cameras, and others including the iOS and Android phone’s cameras. It also provides a secure server for your streams, providing private, public and live stream options. With the private stream, only you are able to watch the stream, while in public, all others you invite, will also be able to watch the streams. Live streams can be seen by anyone who tune in to the platform.

So, if you want a fully functional, reliable and well tested broadcasting software for free video streaming through your mobile, webcam, CCTV cameras or others, then Cameleon is the perfect choice for you.

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