Cameleon: The Best Live Streaming Software in the World

Internet is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind that has completely revolutionized modern human lifestyle and in a good way. It is a global means of communication that allows us to communicate with the outside world with absolute ease. Moreover, Internet has turned out to be an ultimate broadcast entity and has made an enormous impact in the way humans broadcast and stream videos in a tech-driven world. Being a major source of entertainment, Internet allows users to watch their favourite TV shows and movies whenever they want, thanks to streaming content. Nowadays, live video streaming is growing in popularity among internet users, given that it allows broadcasters to broadcast and users to watch videos in real-time.

However, live streaming is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from having a great technical knowledge, one needs to download and configure encoding software. Plus, the complex terminologies like upstream, bitrate, bandwidth, audio-channels, encoder, firewalls and port forwarding, among others make things even more difficult. If you want to make the most of live streaming and YouTube live streaming but have no knowledge regarding it, then just don’t worry as Cameleon – the best live streaming software has been evolved to make things easier for people like you.

Designed and developed by Yatko, Cameleon is absolutely free broadcaster software built with It is one of the easiest and most outstanding tools for live video streaming and YouTube live streaming from smartphones, webcams, GoPro and CCTV, IP cameras. In the recent times, YouTube has shifted its focus towards live streaming and Cameleon live video streaming app is making it easier for individuals to use YouTube for live streaming.

You can use live streaming for various purposes such as making live announcements, online meetings, giving classes online, and also, to promote your business. Cameleon gives you the power to reach wider audience; all a viewer needs is access to the internet. In just three simple steps you will be live, add a camera, connect with Cameleon that gets your stream ready in just a few minutes and help you Go Live without any hassles!

Cameleon is among the frontline live streaming apps for iPad, iPhone, as well as Android and Windows devices; with Cameleon you can turn virtually any camera into a powerful live broadcasting tool and get the attention of your target audience.

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Cameleon: Cutting-Edge Live Streaming Software

With the ubiquity of internet, people find it convenient to watch their desired programs and events over the internet itself. Platforms such as YouTube have provided great assistance in setting a unique trend of live streaming and broadcasting over the internet. Many events and programs are broadcasted live on YouTube, which provides an excellent audience base for the occasion. Live video streaming and YouTube streaming enable all the event organizers to broadcast their event to their target audience, over the internet. However, the live streaming concept requires a great technical knowledge such as encoding and configuring the streaming software. The event coordinators have to deal with terms such as upstream, bitrates, bandwidth, encoder, audio-channels, port forwarding, firewalls and many others, which are not always easy for a non-technical person.

If you are not comfortable with all these technical terms, you have a great option available, Cameleon. It is the easiest solution for all your live streaming needs. It is free video streaming software that enables you to broadcast all your events, from sports events, talk shows to music concerts. It is makes real-time YouTube streaming very easy for you, thereby eliminating all the technical tasks from your way. You just need to connect the software to your YouTube account for going live.

It is great software that even helps you reach the numerous Facebook users via Facebook live. They make it very simple for you to stream live videos to Facebook, which has a great user base. Cameleon offers diversity of input devices that can be used to stream live events on Facebook. Even 4K streams are possible with this software. They support major operating systems such as Windows and Mac, and other major browsers too. They are also releasing applications for Android, iOS and possibly Windows too.

From wedding streams to live video selfies, the powerful live streaming software can help you stream through your laptop cameras, common PnP webcams, CCTV IP cameras, and others including the iOS and Android phone’s cameras. It also provides a secure server for your streams, providing private, public and live stream options. With the private stream, only you are able to watch the stream, while in public, all others you invite, will also be able to watch the streams. Live streams can be seen by anyone who tune in to the platform.

So, if you want a fully functional, reliable and well tested broadcasting software for free video streaming through your mobile, webcam, CCTV cameras or others, then Cameleon is the perfect choice for you.

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8 Ball Vapor: Offering Quality E-cigarette, E-Liquids and Accessories

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common habits among people from all across the planet. It is a well-known fact that cigarette smoking leads to many health problems. However, today people have a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which is known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is a vaporizer which stimulates the feeling of smoking but actually no smoke is produced through that. They are powered by a battery and are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and color options. An e-cigarette has a heating element heats up the e-liquid (liquid solution which contains glycerin, nicotine and propylene glycol and one can find many flavors of it) and converts it into steam and not smoke. E-cigarettes have many advantages over traditional cigarettes; they are reusable and can be used multiple times, all you need is to change the e-liquids. Secondly, you can use electronic cigarettes in airports, railway stations and other public areas where smoking is prohibited.

If you have been using electronic cigarettes from a long time or someone who is new to the world of e-cigarettes and are looking forward to buy electronic cigarettes, then 8 Ball Vapor is the ideal source for you. 8 Ball Vapor is among the highest rated online Vape shops in California that is entirely focused at providing the widest selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and associated accessories at the most nominal prices.

Being a premium online vape shop California, 8 Ball Vapor offers you e-cig mods of different kinds. An electronic cigarette mod is simply a battery tube that holds a rechargeable battery attached with the atomizer. At the leading web-based vape store, you can explore an extensive range of high quality mods of some of the globally popular brands such as JuniBox, NeBox, Lone Wulf, etc. The atomizer attached to the mod could be a clearomizer, glassomizer, cartomizer, or a tank. A combination of perfectly matched mod and atomizer adds more functionality to your e-cigarette.

8 Ball Vapor is a prominent e juice wholesale supplier that has a comprehensive range of e-liquids that are available in various flavors. E juice is one of the most popular brands of e-liquids and at 8 Ball Vapor, you can find the best E juice products at wholesale prices including popular Blue Dragon and Loopies. In addition to this, you can find e-liquids of many popular brands such as Kilo, DAZE, Midas, Lucid, MYLK and many more.

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Electronic cigarettes are exploding in popularity in the recent times and their demand is rapidly increasing among people from all over the world. As it is said that smoking is injurious to health, thus, with the invention of this device, many people have found it a better option than smoking standard cigarettes. E-cigarettes are considered as the health conservators and remarkably help individuals to improve their health. These are also considered as the best alternatives for traditional cigarettes. Companies started to manufacture these environment friendly cigarettes for combating with several serious health issues.

8 Ball Vapor is a leading online vape store based in California that is committed to providing a comprehensive range of premium electronic cigarette, e-liquids well as other accessories of the most valuable brands in the industry. They strive to offer advanced and qualitative products sourced from the top-of-the-line manufacturers and therefore, you can be assured that you will be getting the highest quality electronic cigarettes and accessories without overspending.

Vape mods are more powerful, versatile and much bigger vape pens that have higher functionality as compared to normal vape pens and were designed to produce greater amount of vapor along with increasing the throat hit, and overall flavor of e juice. It is significant for the users to know that mod is itself the devices and not any part of e-cig like atomizer, tank or drip tip. At 8 Ball Vapor, they endeavor to provide comprehensive wholesale vape mods to their valuable customers.

Personal vaporizer’s tank contains some liquid solution, better known as e-liquids, e-juice or vape juice. From traditional tobacco to sweet deserts to custom blended flavors, these are available in a wide variety of flavors which can meet the taste of every individual. There is a little amount of nicotine in these e-juices and thus, one can opt for it according to their preferences. At 8 Ball Vapor, they make your purchasing a lot easier by featuring a wide selection of e liquid wholesale, atomizers etc. A range of e-liquid is all inclusive of Cosmic Fog, Cuttwod, Cake Vapors, Daze, DNA, Hemlock etc.

With them, you can get exclusive products at the comfort of your door. All you have to do is just go through their website and select the products that go well with your needs and budget. Given an extensive array of mods, tanks, e-liquids and e-cigs, their matchup possibilities are virtually endless.

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Buy Electronic Cigarettes and Accessories with 8Ball Vapor

Electronic-cigarettes, which are more commonly known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, have been around for a long time and have provided a safe and effective way for the smokers to enjoy their habit without burning their lungs, as they produce steam, not harmful smoke. E-cigarette can be defined as a revolutionary cigarette-shaped device, comprising a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled by the users, which gives them similar experience of smoking, without the use of tobacco.

These electronic cigarettes help people to vape, not smoke. Vaping is the name given to the use of vaporizers. Vaping utilizes use of Propylene or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amount of food grade flavoring that get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer, boosting the feel of smoking.

If you are an individual who loves to vape or who deals in the electronic cigarettes and flavor supplies, then 8Ball Vapor is the ultimate one stop shop, where you can find variety of E cigarettes, accessories and different flavors of E-liquids. For the vaping lovers, it is just like smoking, without inhaling other 4000 harmful chemicals of the conventional cigarettes. 8Ball Vapor is a widely renowned online vape store in California that provides wide range of products to cater to all your vaping requirements.

They do the proper research for providing the largest and best selection of e-cigarette liquids and hardware. They have the best E Cig liquid that gives the electronic cigarette a defining characteristic of taste. They have all the flavors including tobacco, fruit, sweet or menthol, and provide the finest and most critically acclaimed E-Liquids. They offer exclusive brands such as 420 Juices, Blend, ANML, Bad Drip, Lucid and much more, that too at unbeatable prices.

They not only offer different flavored liquids, but also provide wide range of vape tanks for Mods and accessories that will fulfill anyone’s vaping needs. Their mod systems are compatible with every tank that holds e-liquid. Their range in Mods includes great brands like Acrylic Box, Lone Wulf, snow wolf and many others.

Summing it up, if you are someone looking for the best quality electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories, then 8Ball Vapor is the ideal online store, where your entire needs will get fulfilled without spending a copious amount of your hard earned money.

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Find Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes from 8 Ball Vapor

The electronic cigarettes are specially designed electronic devices that are made to look like the conventional cigarettes, and aimed to encourage people to vape, not smoke. They do not contain tobacco, which means that the person who vapes consume less harmful chemicals compared to the one who smokes the conventional tobacco cigarettes. However, some the electronic cigarette liquids too contain nicotine. Due to the increasing trend of vaping across the world, many shops and retailers, supplying the electronic cigarettes and accessories, found it to be rewarding. In addition to this, they can even get all these supplies at wholesale prices from some of the trusted sources.

If you too own a shop and are looking for the wholesale suppliers of the electronic cigarettes and related hardware, or are a vaping enthusiast, then 8 Ball Vapor is your go-to supplier. It is an online store, offering affordable vape box mods for sale to both the premium shops as well as individual vapers.

The e-liquids are very essential part of the electronic cigarettes, and are responsible for producing the vapors that are exhaled by the users. These e-liquids or liquid vaping substances come in different flavors to choose from. 8 Ball Vapor provides electronic cigarette e liquid to all the customers. A wide range of e-liquids, having various flavors, are available on their platform. Choco mint, Banana, Blueberry, Kush etc. are some of the available flavors. All the liquids are from some of the well known brands in the industry. Cake Vapors, Cosmic Fog, DAZE, DNA, Ejuice, Hemlock, Holy Grail Elixir, Jazzy Ejuice Roll-Upz, KeyJuice and many other brands can be found at their store. Other accessories related to the e-cigarettes can be purchased at very affordable prices from their e-store. You just have to order you favorite e-liquids or other required product, and will conveniently receive at your doorsteps.

Various shop owners can easily buy wholesale vape juice online from them, by simply having a wholesale account with 8 Ball Vapor. Whether you want some branded e-liquids or other electronic cigarette accessories, you can discover everything at their store. They have a great collection of mods, premium e-juice, RDA atomizers, batteries and others, which are all latest vape products.

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Buffalo Cookware: Find Quality Cookware at Very Affordable Prices

Food is the prime requirement of people as everyone is dependent on food and water. The quality of food also depends upon the way it is cooked and therefore section of proper cook ware is very necessary. In many studies it has found that non-stick cookware consists of highly toxic materials and food prepared in them could be very unhealthy. There are many things which one should consider when choosing cookware. One of the major things to consider is the heat conductivity of the cookware because some metals such as copper and cast iron are better heat conductors and they help prepare food at low temperatures. It is also advised that food should be cooked at low temperature because it helps avoid mixing of toxic materials of the cookware metals into the food.

Selection of the cookware depends upon many things and now people can buy cookware from many shops and online stores. is one such sources for you if you looking to buy high quality cookware at reasonable prices. Buffalo Cookware is a cookware manufacturer and seller established since 1957. It has been supplying high quality stainless steel made cookware for many years. The company only provides cookware that has been made of materials that are proven to be safe.

At Buffalo Cookware, you will find an extensive range of products including stainless steel rice cooker, cooking pots, bottles, air fryer, saucing pan and many more. Cookware products made with stainless steel are considered as an excellent choice for cookware. You can find a great range of pressure cookers of different material capacity. Buffalo classic series and cosy series pressure cookers are some available low price pressure cookers.

Buffalo Cookware also offers high quality kitchen electrical appliances. At Buffalo Cookware you will get an ultimate range of electricity operated cookware including Buffalo Enco rice cooker, smart air fryer etc. Along with all these products you will find a variety of thermo mug, coffee flask, vacuum flask and some other kitchen accessories. You can easily order your products on the company’s website and you can get them delivered at your home. Not only cookware, you can also find recipes of your favourite dishes on the website.

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Buffalo Cookware: Offering High Quality Cookware

Food is the most important part of our life. Eating is the most loved activity which people get involved in. In many cases, people love to eat and enjoy their favourite dishes which they cook at their personal enclosing. The biggest problem is that raw materials to cook a relishing recipe are available in the market but to execute the preparation of the item is a complex task. A number of people wish to cook their favourite dishes but cannot as cooking on oven is a long task and requires a lot of oil and has too much trans fat. To help you cook your favourite dishes with ease, Buffalo Cookware is the best place to go to purchase reliable and necessary cookware. They have a range of the best quality cookware products which one can utilize to cook their favourite food items. If you enjoy boiled and steamed food, the commercial pressure cooker would do wonders for you. It has been developed with precision and works with both electric and gas ovens.

A lot of people in today’s world enjoy eating fried food, not because they are easy to cook but it can be treated as a snack. In many cases, the fried foods we eat do not come from a healthy source and has too much Trans Fat and can raise your cholesterol levels in one meal or a snack. To help people keep their calorie count stable and consume less oil and fat, one can opt for an easier way to cook fried food in an air fryer.

Buffalo Cookware is a known supplier of air fryers to people who wish to consume food with least amount of fat and relish on their fried chicken. The air fryers produced by are epitome of perfection and delver with the services which they claim. Air fryers have made cooking your favourite dishes at home an easy process.

If you are planning to buy a new air fryer, rice cooker, pressure cooker, coffee flask, smart cooker, frying pan or such home appliances, is the greatest name which you would hear of in the market. They have made a reliable name in market as they have been working for years to deliver perfection to their buyers not only with the products they sell but with services they provide. If you are planning to buy any kitchen related utensil, they are the best company to take assistance from.

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Buffalo Cookware: Offering High Quality Cookware


De Louvre: Ultimate Destination for Fashionable Shoes and Other Women Accessories

The way a person dresses, shows his or her personality. Along with the clothes; shoes, bags and other accessories are important parts of dressing. Physically clothing serves many purposes, it protects from various harmful elements as well as insulate against cold and hot weather conditions. Shoes are also very important wears especially for women. Shoes not only protect against environment but these days they are one of the means of fashion. Women love to have different shoes for different dresses. Also according to them shoes must match with clothes and nowadays women can find many trendy and fashionable shoes according to their needs.

Women can buy shoes from traditional shops as well as online sources. Online women accessories platform have become so popular these days because they provide flexibility to search from a range of products and there is no limit of time. If you are also looking for such online platform where you can find the best woman accessories and woman shoes Liverpool, then is the best source for you. De Louvre provides an extensive range of high quality woman accessories at very reasonable rates. There you can find footwear of your choice made of lather, plastic or rubber.

De Louvre offers a wide and diverse range of sneaker shoes online Sydney. All the shoes are available in various colours and sizes and one can select according to the requirement by scrolling through various categories. Women can find high heeled sandals in different colours and sizes of all popular brands. Girl’s ornamental footwear is also available at De Louvre Web Store. Along with the fashion, comfort is also important. offers very comfortable footwear that matches perfectly to your feet.

Here, you can find shoes of any kind including sandals, sneakers, heels, party shoes, boots, corporate shoes and flats shoes online Sydney. You can also buy gift vouchers to gift your loved ones. Apart from shoes, you can also buy very trendy ladies bags. De Louvre also offers a range of fashionable woman hand wallets.

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